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About Us

Our History

Clyde Lamar founded the company as Tri-C Machine in 1969.  After Mr. Lamar built his first tire shredder in 1980, Tri-C Manufacturing, Inc. was formed.  The company has since manufactured and sold tire recycling equipment throughout the United States and Canada, and as far away as Taiwan.  Over the last 25 years, Tri-C has provided major tire clean-ups in California, Oregon and Washington State.

Our Benefits


Our shredder is time proven, with shredders performing at original factory specs after having shred over 250,000,000 tires.


Custom configurations available, whether the need be for primary shreds, TDF, TDA, or crumb rubber for TDP, we make the reduction and handling equipment to fit the job.  Portable or stationary models are available.


Tri-C operated a tire shredding facility until it was sold years later.  Since 2008, Tri-C Tire Recycling Division operates a tire processing and ground rubber manufacturing facility next to the manufacturing plant utilizing state of the art equipment designed and manufactured on site.

Usable End Product

With the cutters changed at proper intervals, our shredder cuts clean, with little or no exposed wire -- perfect for TDF.

Low Cost of Production

Patented feed system for faster material output.

Lower Operating Cost

Patented cutters for lower blade maintenance costs.  Shredding clean tires, we guarantee at least 2,000 tons of primary shreds between sharpening.


Capable of shredding an 11x24.5 steel belted radial truck tire every three seconds, we guarantee 20 tons an hour of primary shreds.  For smaller shreds, our production rate still exceeds our competition.  Our optional granule mill can produce up to 5 tons of granules an hour.

Unsurpassed Warranty

The only warranty with a guaranteed production rate.